Top 5 Songs About How X Gon Give It To Ya

Hey Kumsters! You asked for it and we’re “gon’ give it to ya” – a definitive ranking of the top five songs about how X Gon’ Give It To Ya!

5.) Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

Most people don’t know this, but the song of the summer is, in fact, about how X gon’ give it to ya! This record-breaking tune has found its way into households worldwide and spread the message that X is definitely gon’ give it to ya. If you didn’t notice the meaning of the song at first, you’re not alone! In fact, the Spanish term “X-pacito” was incorrectly translated to “Despacito” – but still, the message that X gon give it to ya lives on!

4.) Concerto No. X – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Dating back to 1776, Mozart’s tenth concerto is the first song ever confirmed to be about how X gon’ give it to ya. There is, of course, speculation that Neanderthals used the world’s first instruments to communicate to each other that X gon’ give it to ya, but we have no way of knowing for sure. This piece serves as the inspiration behind Mozart’s iconic line from the movie Amadeus, “X gon’ give it to ya! And do the crazy frog!”

3.) Ex’s and Oh’s – The Kidz Bop Kids

The casual listener might think Elle King’s 2015 smash hit is about the orgasms that only an ex-boyfriend’s throbbing member can give. However, in this version, the innocent and youthful voices of the Kidz Bop Kids make it very clear that that titular “Ex” is actually X and the “Oh’s,” of course, mean “Gon’ Give It To Ya.”

2.) X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX

Of all the songs about how X gon’ give it to ya, this one is indisputably the most direct. Modern poet DMX mentions that X gon’ give it to ya so many times it borders on comical – but who would write an extensive piece where the only joke is saying “X gon’ give it to ya” a bunch of times? Talk about dumb. Don’t forget the legendary intro to this song, where DMX raps, “Hi I’m X and I’m here to say, I’m gon’ give it to ya in a major way!” Who’s gon’ give it to ya? X is. Don’t forget it.

1.) The Alphabet Song

Was there ever really any doubt that this would be number one? This is the very first song every child learns and, of course, it’s about how X gon’ give it to ya (since “Y” means “it” and “Z” means “ya”). Its infectious melody and educational benefit shoot this classic tune right to the top of this list. X, whatever you’re giving, give it to us next! See you next time Kumsters, when we’ll rank the top 1000 songs about the boys being back in town!