8 Fun Crafts To Do This Fall Break That Will Help You Finally Move Past the Disappearance of Your Infant Son

My beautiful infant son James may have gone missing, but I’m here to share with you my favorite fall crafts that are also perfect coping mechanisms!

1. Autumn Leaf Wreath



Hanging this on your door will welcome autumn to the whole house! If only it was a home and not an empty shell, but decorating for the seasons helps with ‘leaving the past behind,’ as my therapist says.

2. Hand turkeys



A classic craft for Fall Fun- cute and simple enough for any infant! James would have loved this, painting was his favorite activity. I can reclaim the small simple things, like painting, to normalcy. It will help me build a new life.

3. Pile of Leaves



Great for a doorstep, and will even cushion the fall of a sweet baby boy, if he could still play and run. But he can’t.

4. Hand Acorns



James’ small hands would have made perfect little acorns… but I will never see them grow into mighty oaks.

5. Paper plate owl



Maybe if I hung this festive owl by the crib, I would have remembered to lock the window. Oh god, James, this is all my fault.

6. Hand spiders



I can sometimes still hear his cry coming from his room… Some days, I can wake up and forget that he was taken away from me, but it all comes rushing back when I go to feed him. I painted his nursery yellow. Yellow is supposed to symbolize security and happiness. Now it just mocks the emptiness in my heart. Every day is a living hell rife with grief and guilt.

7. Leaf pressings



With a little paint, these leaves make beautiful prints after you press them against the paper, just like I used to press my boy against my heart.

8. Hand pumpkins



This adorable little gourd just shouts ‘Fall!’