This Naked Model Going on a Racist Tirade is Scary and Hot at the Same Time — WARNING: NSFW

We caught you, you weirdo. Why do you actually want to see this? Your boss told us he’s been having problems with you. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: 

  1. Are you at work right now? 
  2. Does this content not pertain directly to what you are doing at work? 
  3. Is it the third time in a row you’re getting in trouble for looking at online content when you should’ve been doing your work?
  4. What makes you think any content is more NSFW than other content?
  5. Is this content hazardous or toxic and may harm those around you?
  6. Does this content follow Sharia Law and own chemical weapons?
  7. Is this content living in asylum in Russia?
  8. Is this content trying to make you kill your loved ones?
  9. Is this content forcibly ramming an object into your anus?
  10. Do you love your job?
  11. Do you go home after a day at “work”, look at yourself in the mirror, and wonder where all the time went?
  12. Does your wife have trouble still finding you sexually desirable?
  13. Are you ignored at family parties?
  14. Are you jealous of your more successful brother who has a real job where he doesn’t read listicles all day?
  15. Is this content making you remember all the bad choices you made in life? 
  16. Did you click on this hoping you’d see some female nudity?
  17. Are you still upset that this link doesn’t contain a naked model going on a racist tirade?
  18. Did you click on this because you need to consume idiotic online content to fill the gaping hole inside your heart?

If you got to the bottom of this list, you really need help. And you’re fired.