Baby Monitors Not Just For Babies: The Top 3 People Who Are Also Fun To Listen To While They Sleep!

Mothers use them to care for their tiny tots, but mindless infants can’t provide the entertainment that these colorful characters can!

1. Stepbrother Kevin
He just moved in to the room right next to yours. Not sure of his motivations or intent? Feel like he’s planning to kill you and take your place in your dad’s heart? A baby monitor will let your mind be at ease, while also allowing you to enjoy his superior taste in music!

2. My Freshman Year Roommate
At first, her quirky habit of gnashing her teeth in her sleep annoyed me. I could practically hear her bones being ground to powder all night. I got used to it soon enough, but then I started to actively enjoy it. The rhythmic chomping would lull me to sleep, like a heartbeat would for a puppy. Now, I can’t seem to get a restful night in without it. Recommend 100%!

3. Clint Eastwood
Once a gun-slinging icon, now a decaying sack of bones! No one can really snore quite as much as he can, and if you listen very closely, he will quote some of his iconic films such as Trouble With The Curve (2012) and Honkytonk Man (1982). Once, a dedicated fan even heard him take his four Oscars with him to the bathroom, so the “bed monster wouldn’t take over.” Nice!

5 Tips to Help You if Your Decorations Come to Life

We’ve all been there: You spend hours carefully decorating your home for that special holiday, making sure each and every knick knack is in the perfect spot, only for your hard work to become ruined after your decorations become alive. It has become rampant this Halloween season. Mobile and conscious décor can wreak absolute havoc on a household! Should this happen to you, here are some tips that will help you out:

1. Use some cowboy techniques to get back in control!

If your home adornments get out of hand, wrangle them like a cowboy would! You can herd the more docile pieces into a corral to keep them contained while you tackle the bigger and more aggressive displays with your trusty lasso. If you are a little rusty on lassoing, then you can just challenge the alpha decoration to a duel. They have a great deal of honor so they will take you up on the duel and play by your established rules.

2. Steal a page out of the Pied Piper’s book!

Thankfully, most live décor can be soothed with the power of music. They prefer wind instruments over string instruments, but anything will do if your tune is good enough. Make sure to prance out of your house into the nearest forest while playing your instrument to relocate your decorations. If you do not live near a forest, most sewers will do. Once you get far enough away from your home, place the instrument on the ground and back away slowly. The pests will sure want to examine the instrument, giving you just enough time to ditch them.

3. Go undercover!

Sometimes it is best to do a job from the inside. Wear a silly mask or gaudy wreath on your head to fit in with the decorations. Act just like they do and mirror their actions. Once they forget that you are not one of them, strike. Seize control of the pack by beating the alpha into submission, then recite a moving speech that will inspire the rest into following you. At this point, you have an army of slaves that will do as you command.

4. Rap battle!

One way to defeat the sentient décor is to challenge the aforementioned alpha to a rap battle. This tip is a little riskier because if the alpha realizes that they do not have a voice box or lungs to rap with, they will become offended by your challenge and eat your children (or pets). However, once both of you shake hands to battle, you only need the simplest rhyme to conquer to alpha.

5. Befriend them!

Have you ever stopped to think how cool it is that your decorations are alive? The last strategy is to just ‘roll with it’ and befriend your decorations! Offer the alpha a strand of your hair (this can be from any part of your body) and compliment their color. You will immediately gain their trust and love so be careful with their hearts. A friendship so unique and rare should be treasured. Be compassionate, honest, respectful, and make sure they know you appreciate them. In time you will form an unbreakable bond with your decorations and they will be with you through thick and thin.