12 Things that Actually Happened

1. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969

2. When Ashley lost her phone at the Theta Chi party and then
found it later

3. The abolition of slavery in the United States in 1865

4. When Kathi flipped out on the Starbucks barista for spelling her
name wrong

5. Barack Obama became the first African American President in

6. When Joey was so high, he ate a whole box of insomnia cookies
and still had room for Easy Mac when we got back to Flint

7. America’s Independence from Great Britain in 1776

8. When Beth made it up the mount stairs after she blacked out at
that crazy party on Euclid

9. The passing of the Clean Air and Water Acts during the Nixon

10. When Dillon finished his WRT 105 paper one second before his
Adderall binge ended

11. The invention of the printing press in 1450 by Johannes


12. When Eric managed to snag a booth in Food.com even though it
was sooo crowded, how did you do that Eric?!