University Union Finally Brings An Artist Every Student Knows To SU

After years of disappointment after disappointment, unknown after unknown, University Union has finally brought the band that the Syracuse University student population has been waiting for: The legendary, definitely well-known, hit single machine, twenty one pilots.

That’s right ‘Cuse, they spell their name in all lowercase, unlike those obscure bands that use normal grammar.

The student organization announced the band was coming via Twitter, after multiple suspenseful prerequisite tweets of clever 140-character wordplay and clues. After twelve hours of painful anticipation, UU finally made the big reveal. Students could not have been more enthusiastic.

“I really tired of all these underground bands coming to Syracuse, like Ke$ha and Kendrick Lamar,” said Betty Landern, a junior international relations major. “Finally, twenty one pilots is a band I, like everyone else in the world, know and love. You can’t listen to the radio without hearing their hit single, “That One With a Guitar In It.’”

The band is also widely known by anyone who listens to music for such songs as “That One That’s About A Girl Or Like Drug Abuse Or Something” and “The Song I Heard On My Radio Station I Think Was By Them But I’m Not Completely Sure And Might Actually Have Been By Like Some Other Band,” all of which appear on their debut album, “Self-Titled…I Would Assume.”

Other students thought the band would bring a breath of fresh air to the normally obscure SU music scene.

“When I saw some guy named ‘Macklemore’ was coming, I looked him up,” said Connor Amherst, a senior advertising major. “I realized he hadn’t even been signed. ‘Thrift Shop’? Has anyone honestly ever heard of that song? What a loser! Twenty one pilots is on Fueled by Ramen, so you know they’re legit. ‘Cause it’s definitely 2007 right now.”