Alpha Chi Rho Brothers Adopt Puppy To Change Terrible Reputation

Syracuse University is home to some of the most vibrant Greek life in the Central New York region. But among the scattered houses, one chapter stands out: Alpha Chi Rho.

Affectionately called “Crow,” sporting broken windows covered up with Pink Floyd tapestries, most students at SU have never actually been inside. One in 11 have been there by accident only to wake up in the fetal position outside a Taco Bell in Liverpool.

But during Spring Rush 2014, the brothers turned all that shadiness around. Puppies, reported Crow’s president Dave Cassenti, were the best thing that ever happened to the house. “Our membership has expanded exponentially with each puppy introduced, and we’ve noticed a direct relationship between puppy count and the number of bitches we pull,” said Cassenti. “All around brotherhood is improving.”

The house adopted a small white dog at the beginning of rush this semester, and it’s adorable barks can be heard from the street as the puppy runs in and around broken glass, playfully chewing on week-old Solo cups. Positive reports from third party outsiders are far more common now that the puppy has taken up residence at Crow.

“The only time I partied at Crow last semester I was handed a Four Loko laced with cocaine laced with roofies laced with crocodil and woke up in the hospital with a critical concussion and minor lacerations on my face,” reports Shelby from Day Hall. “But now that they have a puppy, I’m there every Thirsty Thursday!”

Local Delta Kappa Epsilon beer Olympian Josh Lawton agrees. “Crow was mad lame last semester. But now that they have puppies they have definitely been getting the puss, and I can’t help but respect that. Daps to Crow.”

The Kumquat will keep our readers up-to-date with new improvements to this house, but for now we strongly urge you to pay them a visit. Top-tier frats, watch your backs.

*paid for by the PR committee of Alpha Chi Rho*