Guy Who Yells At Woman From Car Gets Date

Love has a way of sneaking up on us, sometimes even catching us off guard.  For Patricia Lemark, it found her at the corner of Euclid and Comstock.

She was running in leggings and her Juice Jam tank top when Syracuse University super senior Greg Cuneo drove past in his Jeep Patriot. He saw her, rolled down his window, and shouted “Those legs belong with me, honey!”

Patricia, genuinely flattered, strolled over to the car and handed him her number.

“What I look for in a man is confidence,” said Patricia. “And golly, that stunt turned me on!”  Patricia humbly acknowledged that men have catcalled at her before, but this time it felt different. This blunt release of oral testosterone was the sexiest way she’d been objectified in a while, she said.

“I’ve had men slap my ass and caught guys staring at my boobs,” she said, “but those guys come and go. Nothing says: ‘I’m insecure enough to try really, really hard to impress you’ like a guy screaming from his car window.”

Update: Since this article was written, the guy who screamed at Patricia out his car window took her on a date to Crow, and now they’re getting married and are going to live happily ever after.