Newhouse Student Heartbroken After Petition To Add “Social Media” Major Fails to Receive Signatures

Undecided Newhouse sophomore Brianna Dow was heartbroken after a petition to make social media a major in Newhouse failed to receive enough signatures.

Though Dow sat in for three days tweeting at fellow Newhouse students and alumni from her professional Twitter, the petition acquired only two signatures.  The legitimacy of even those two signatures was called into question when it was discovered that the names signed were “Betta Thanartsandsciences” and “SI Newhouse.”

“I just don’t get it,” Dow said. “Social media is the medium of the future. Blog posts are the new novels and tweets are the new blog posts. Real art is short and raw. By 2020 the Oscars will be entirely composed of Vines. The Metropolitan will be an assortment of the finest Instagrams. After all, the right filter can move an audience to tears.”

After the failure of his petition, Dow is still working to make her dream a reality. She recently reached out to the iSchool, but upon finding out that the information technology school was in fact its own school and not a cute Apple sponsored branch of Newhouse, decided to become a self-made professional tweeter.

“If we don’t change with the times, we will be stuck in the times.” Dow said. “And not the New York Times either.”

Dow can be found at every Newhouse event tweeting deep, unique reflections about speakers.