Newhouse Alums Thrilled To Relive Glory Days of Filmmaking, Broadcasting, Complaining In

With Parent’s Weekend steadily approaching, the Syracuse University community is preparing itself for the mass influx of parents, alumni, and parents who are also alumni, including those from the esteemed S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. The Kumquat caught up with members of the “Newhouse Mafia” to see what they were most excited about. 

“Some of my fondest memories of Newhouse occurred during those late night editing sessions at There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a group of like-minded young intellectuals and absolutely ripping shit on your TRF 205 professor.  Storyboarding, shooting, bitching about the faulty lighting kit you checked out from the Cage – I would give anything to go back.”

-Kathy Johansson, copy editor of her son’s Boy Scouts troop’s monthly newsletter

 “Every time I hear my daughter sigh exasperatedly about the whack audio she picked up on her shoots for her BDJ class, I’m instantly transported back in time. It’s like I never left.”  

-Dick Richards, used-car salesman

“During the phone call I have with my son once a semester, I always try to put in my two cents about how damn confusing the layout of Newhouse 2 is. But I think kids these days have moved on to more sophisticated ways of expressing themselves. They’ve got Twitter and the Facebook to channel their creativity now. Just yesterday I saw my son’s roommate use the hashtag #NewhouseProbs! Honestly couldn’t be more proud of these kids. They are the future of mass media.”

-Cheryl Williams, trophy wife

The Newhouse Alumni Network will host a brunch next Sunday morning in featuring Dinosaur BBQ, a slideshow of monumental Newhouse photographs from over the years, and ample time to whine about the horrible coffee they will most likely serve.