Student Who Said She Was Almost Abducted Then Wasn't Almost Has Been Abducted

A Syracuse University female student has gone missing after saying she was almost abducted when she wasn’t almost abducted.

Friends claim they haven’t seen the female student since Thursday morning. Her roommate, Katie Galgory, a sophomore public relations major, knew something was wrong when she came home from class and her roommate was no where to be found.

“I was so relieved when she wasn’t almost abducted after she said she was almost abducted,” she said. “But when I got home and she wasn’t there, I knew that she had actually been abducted this time.”

The Department of Public Safety doesn’t have much to go by, so investigators are making due with what they have.

“We’re currently working from the description of the man who almost abducted her then didn’t,” said Officer Dick Tully, who is leading the investigation. “Honesty, it all leads to the same place.”

DPS is taking any information about the whereabouts of the missing female, and recently sent out an email reassuring students, “It’s not a joke this time.”