Uh Oh, Someone’s “Two Truths and a Lie” on the First Day of Recitation Got Way Too Real

The first PSY 205 recitation of the year started out harmlessly. Apart from the TA saying the word “chill” a few too many times, class was proceeding in a typically mundane manner. Things started going south when, instead of sharing the classic “major and a fun fact,” it was revealed that the students would be participating in a rousing game of “Two Truths and a Lie.”

The very first person to play, introduced only as “Emily,” was quite friendly before class and was the natural choice to lead off. Her first two statements went by without a hitch when she claimed to have two siblings and to have never left New York. But unexpectedly her eyes clouded slightly. And then she said it.

“My parents got divorced on my birthday.”

Every muscle in the room was immediately clenched and no one quite knew where to look. A smattering of nervous coughs and shifting chairs filled the otherwise looming silence while an exceptionally uncomfortable student tried to hold back an inappropriate laugh. After at least five empty seconds passed, the ever-hopeful TA meekly asked, “which one was the lie?”

“It was the sibling thing,” said Emily, before her expression got even darker. “I only used to have two siblings.”

The eyes of every student widened. Emily stared blankly at the linoleum floor. Eight more white-knuckle seconds of silence passed until a local hero spoke up with a “Welp, guess I’ll go next.” A few nervous jokes were made as the room made a silent pact to never speak about the moment again.

As of publication, it is unclear if “Emily” will be returning to this recitation but we will continue updating you with this breaking news as it unfolds.