SU Bus Driver Adds Dozens of Names to Enormous Shit List After Long Shift of Not Being Thanked

FAYETTEVILLE, NY – Returning home after a full 8-hour shift driving various routes to and from Syracuse University and South Campus, local bus driver Danika Walters took a few minutes to pen down several names of passengers who had neglected to thank her when exiting in her shitlist. “It’s one thing if they leave out the back, but if they walk directly by me and don’t thank me, that’s a one-way ticket to my everlasting judgment.” Said Walters, whose shitlist already spans the first 40 pages of a composite notebook. “It’s my handy little way of remembering who’s an ungrateful waste of space on this Earth and who’s a polite young adult.” At press time, Walters was seen jotting in her notebook after someone failed to hold a door open for her.