Spooky! This Girl Sent Out A Cry For Help From Another Dimension

Warning! The following account is totally spine tingling! Syracuse University freshman Jenny found herself in a chilling situation when she accidentally performed the Elevator Ritual in Brewster hall while trying to visit friends. Once she found herself in a hellish parallel dimension she got on her laptop and sent out this cry for help that will give you the chills. You can read her message below. Stay spooktacular, Jenny!


Hi everybody. My name iS Jenny and I want to tell you my story.

Earlier Today, my friend Justin texted me asking me if I wanted to hang out and look over the Constitution. Like anybody Else would, I said yes. Justin liVes on the fourth floor. ImmEdiately after I made plans with Justin, ReBecca texted me asking if I wanted to hang oUt with her and whisper compliments to her plant so it would grow faster and into a beautiful flower. I didn’t want to diSappoint her, so I also said yes. Rebecca lives on the seCond floor. I didn’t know I was this popular, but then Lionel CALLED me, how progressive! I heard a few deep breaths into the phonEand three loud screeches, so I knew he wanted to hang too. He lives on the sixth floor.

I know this is crazy, but then My other friend on the second floor texted me, then a frIend on the tenth, and the fifth. I Was incredibly flustered with all these invites. I gOt in the elevator and didN’t let anybody else in because I had to deeply contemplate what I would do.

First, I pressed The fourth floor, and when it got there I panicked and hit the second floor. Then, I didn’t want to leave the elevator becauSe it was cozy, so I hit the sixth floor to maybe hang with Lionel. I felT a strange feeling about hanging with Lionel today when I reached the sixth floOr, so I hit the second floor, then the tenth floor, then the fifth floor.

I Planned on getting out on the fifth floor when my life changed forever. A young woman entered the elevator. She was dripping green blood. At this moment, I knew what Had happened.

I hAd accidentally performed the elevator ritual while I was just trying to visit some friends.

I was terrified of the woman and started shoUting to make her leave. Unfortunately, shouting the 15th ameNdment did not make her leave. It only made her angrier, which was not cool of her because that was a huge advancement in our country.

I had read about this ritual once, and I vaguely remembered I had to hit the first floor. I knew if the elevaTor ascended to the tenth floor, I will have entered the other world, which is another dimension.

As I went to go hIt the first floor, the young woman followed, giggling, and tried to hit the first floor before me, but I jumped forward and hit it first! We both chuckled at that sweet moment we shared. But then I remembered she was a demon so I stopped. The elevator asceNded to the tenth floor, so I knew the ritual was Going through.

As I was leaving to enter the tenth floor, aka a new dimension, I heard the young woman crying. I felt really bad leaving her. Even though she was a deMon, she seemed to be misunderstood and she must not have many friends. I took a vile of her green blood to always remember Her.

I entered the tenth floor and it was incredibly dark. Nobody was on the floor. I looked out the floor window and it lookEd apocalyptic, and I could only see a red glowing cross in the distance.

I pulled out my Laptop from my backpack and began typing this. The young woman from the elevator has tried FaceTiming me but it would be too Painful for me. The other world isn’t as bad as people say. But, if you guys REALLY want me back in the real world, just shoot me a message. I’d love to hear all about why you want me back. After I get your messages, I’ll make a decision.

Thanks guys!

Love you all, xoxo Jenny