5 Classes You HAVE To Take If You Don’t Care About Your Education and Want An Easy A

Let’s face it—it’s been a rough semester. Sure, you have to eventually complete that psychology minor, but don’t you deserve a break? Save yourself a pleading Facebook status and use the The Kumquat‘s compilation of the easiest classes on the market, guaranteed to hoist up that abysmal GPA.

HNR 430: Seminar: A Survey of Self-Appreciation

Honors students, think about yourself for once in this refreshingly intimate seminar class. Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will participate in an 80-minute round of applause celebrating their academic achievements to date, with a one credit self high-fiving lab on Wednesdays.

BIO 392: The Chemistry of Breath: Assessment of The Biochemical Conversion of Oxygen to Carbon Dioxide

Join our award-winning faculty in participating in the joys of inhalation and exhalation. Engage in an interactive learning environment dedicated to fostering hands-on experience with oxygen-to-carbon dioxide conversion. 

Prerequisite: Open to living terrain-based organisms only.

CHE 236: The Mysteries of Pigment: Study of Paint Desiccation

Marvel at the wonders of chemistry in this practical research course. Learn real-world acute observation techniques each week as a new layer of paint is applied to the walls of the lecture hall, all the while documenting the changes in moisture levels in comprehensive lab reports. 

SOM 210: Intro to Parental Finance Management

Whitman majors and minors may enroll in this fast-paced crash course in executive monetary control over your parents’ finances.  Learn how to spend, manage, document, and spend your household’s entire net income. A monthly Rolex show-and-tells and networking events break up the curriculum to create a well-rounded understanding of business basics. 

ETS 270: How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Well, how many?