Student Pleasantly Surprised To Find Group Photo Tinder Match In Bird

Sophomore sports management major Kyle Mayer was pleasantly surprised Monday afternoon when he walked into Bird library to find his group photo Tinder match, exactly as he had left them.

“It was amazing,” he said. “I had just swiped right Sunday night, and there they were. I didn’t even care which one was Ally.”

When asked to comment, Ally’s Tinder group photo said simultaneously, “We do everything together! These girls are my best friends!” They then giggled.

Later that day, Mayer saw them again, but realized the group didn’t recognize him. The girls were too busy whispering secrets and playing with each other’s hair.

Mayer, discouraged, could only look on with admiration.

“There they were, heads cocked, arms intertwined. Their hair, blowing in the wind. If only they could love me like they love each other…their hearts set in stone.”