Letter To The Editor: In Honor of Remembrance Week, I Am Selling A Bunch Of T-Shirts With A Print Of Castle Court On The Front

It’s Remembrance Week here at Syracuse University…

A time for us all to reflect, even if for just one minute, on the passing of our beloveds. Whether it be the fatal crash of Pan Am Flight 103, SU’s elimination from last year’s March Madness, or the time I dropped my phone in the Kimmel toilet, for me this week hits hard.

In honor of Remembrance Week, and in the wake of the tragic closing of Castle Court, I am selling a bunch of these T-Shirts with a print of Castle Court on the front. 

Why? Because I’m pretty sure that this is a cause. 

That’s right, I am the sophomore who made a bunch of t-shirts with Castle Court on the front, and I intend to sell them to my classmates in order to honor the end of an era. An era I remember all too well. Especially with basketball season right around the corner, it is important to acknowledge the abolishment of mass day drinking in the concrete courtyard of a low-rate student housing complex. For me, for my classmates, for alumni, and for future SU students, this is a tragedy—a story with no happy ending. But with these t-shirts that feature a picture of Castle Court on the front, I intend to turn the bad taste in our mouths into the distant ringing of the bell of sentiment.


Why would I sell these T-Shirts?

Because I’m about 99% sure that this is a cause worthy of action.

So why don’t you buy my T-Shirt with a picture of Castle Court on the front? For $15 you can get one, but for $25 you can get two. 

I learned that discount strategy in my marketing class. 

I’m pretty sure it’s called economies of scale.

The same way I’m pretty sure that reflecting on the closing of Castle Court is the mobilization of grassroots activism.

So, buy my T-Shirt that I made on the internet. 

Because, Syracuse University, if you’re anything like me, then you’re probably pretty sure that this is a really important cause, a cause worth fighting for.