20 Things We’re OBSESSED About Queen Jen Bundy

Everyone loves campus’s new it girl Queen Jen Bundy, but here are 20 facts about our queen we just can’t stop obsessing about:

  1. Jen Bundy only buys blu-ray DVDS.
  2. Jen Bundy only uses mechanical pencils.
  3. Jen Bundy pisses rose petals.
  4. Jen Bundy’s shorts never go above her knees.
  5. Jen Bundy knows cursive.
  6. Jen Bundy is still in contact with her fourth grade teacher.
  7. Jen Bundy doesn’t need shoelaces, she wears velcro shoes!
  8. Jen Bundy steams vegetables in her armpits.
  9. Jen Bundy always finishes her dinner before she has dessert.
  10. Jen Bundy plays drums on expert when she plays Rock Band.
  11. Jen Bundy has 20/20 vision.
  12. Jen Bundy once nursed malnourished black squirrel back to life.
  13. Jen Bundy NEVER has to reset Air Orange X. Air Orange X would NEVER do that to Jen.
  14. Jen Bundy always makes complete stops.
  15. Jen Bundy bakes cookies for your grandmother.
  16. Jen Bundy only eats organic.
  17. Jen Bundy collect rocks.
  18. Jen Bundy is still the top seller of girl scout cookies in our country.
  19. Jen Bundy was trained as an air bender.
  20. Jen Bundy can’t be tamed.