Conversatins About The Cold Create Lifelong Friendships

Although it was once assumed that cold weather had a chilling affect on personal relationships, an exchange between Freshman Johnny and Freshman Chris in the Boland elevator has proved that even conversations about the cold have the potential to thaw one’s frozen extremities, as well as one’s heart.

“It’s so cold,” Johnny said, as he entered the elevator.

“You should have worn a thicker coat,” was Chris’s reply.

“I know, dude. When I checked the weather I forgot about the wind chill,” Johnny said.

“Yeah. It’s a wind tunnel here,” Chris chuckled.

“You know, you look kind of familiar. Were you in my 8AM bio class last semester?”

“Oh yeah. That class sucked.”


Immediately after Freshman Johnny added Freshman Chris on Facebook, the duo signed on to room together next year, and are planning to meet each other’s respective families over the summer.